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Built-in Performance

Sites hosted on QualityBox are automatically optimized for peak performance, making them blazingly fast.

Automatic Updates

QualityBox handles all of your MediaWiki and security updates automatically so you don't have to.

Traffic Scaling

Going Viral? No problem. QualityBox easily scales to handle up to 20x your daily traffic.

Nightly Backup

QualityBox automatically backs up your site every night at no additional cost so you can rest easy.

MediaWiki Experts

Our MediaWiki experts are on call to help, so you don't have to waste time searching forums and blogs for answers.

Dedicated Support

QualityBox support is on call to ensure that your MediaWiki site runs smoothly.


Zero-click Install

Based on the technology that runs Wikipedia (a top 10 global website that compiles all the world's knowledge), NASA extended and refined it for use on the International Space Station. We add full service, support, performance tuning, training and more curated enterprise features to give you QualityBox.

After years of helping companies implement, upgrade, integrate and otherwise deploy complex web applications across a variety of infrastructures, eQuality Technology decided to create QualityBox; a turn-key, enterprise-quality MediaWiki solution. Our service is unique; offering a customized, fully operational, first-class environment that is pre-loaded with all the content, features and configuration that you need to get to work without the hassle.

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Built by eQuality Technology

MISSION: Bring the power of collaboration into the hands of everyone.

VISION: Just like you can simply edit WikiPedia, you should be free to collaborate with colleagues, peers, and members of your group. Leave the software stack management, provisioning, security patches and performance to us. Leverage the free and open source system that powers one of the global top-ten websites without an army of engineers.


What we offer


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Public Discourse

Find and Share insights with the QualityBox Community

Private Support

Each customer has a private channel in our QualityBox Community


QualityBox is a free software project. You can get the source code under the terms of the GNU AGPL license at our github repo


QualityBox is totally compatible with all versions of MediaWiki software


We're building a network of global partners to bring you local service and expertise; wherever you are located.


Why you need a QualityBox

Feature Complete

While we will continuously add features, the QualityBox is already the most feature complete wiki on the planet. It offers everything you need for immediate productive use.


You can make your QualityBox do things that are custom to your organization. Whether it means adding extra extensions, or whether you want us to fully integrate some aspect of your infrastructure, we can tailor the QualityBox to your specific needs.


While it's enterprise ready, it comes at a mini-prise price. The complete stack is provisioned on free software so we have no licensing costs to pass on to our customers. The only costs we have are for our engineering talent and operations staff. That cost is expensed across the entire client base, providing you with expert engineering talent at a fraction of the cost that it would take to hire the expertise in-house. And, our underlying hosting partners are the best in the business - providing uncompromising value.


Cloud-hosted, the QualityBox comes online in seconds. Just pay for the service, and leave everything else up to us. We'll keep the platform secured, configured, backed up, enhanced, upgraded, monitored and balanced. As a customer, you can quickly view a dashboard for reports and graphic historical charts. The easy-to-use administration tools let you add users and do other functions with simple clicks. There is nothing to download, nothing to install; all you need is an internet connection. Access the QualityBox from home, work or while flying at 30,000 feet.

QualityBox Details

Each QualityBox is a fully managed Virtual Private Server (VPS). It comes with 100% dedicated hardware resources, including CPU, RAM and disk space, which means that each VPS is never competing with any other account for any resources. There are different size boxes depending on your needs. See pricing for details.

Sample QualityBox Specs


These are just examples, see pricing for more box sizes, or contact us to discuss your specific deployment needs.

Fully Managed

We maintain, and upgrade the server Operating System, Web Server, Modules, Database Server, as well as all components delivering the MediaWiki Service-Oriented Architecture.

You're invited

We provide ssh access, with sudo privileges. Be advised that changes to the software environment are completely logged and may be reverted by subsequent updates to the QualityBox platform. If complete control of the environment is desired, we can deploy a QualityBox to your infrastructure (and we can still provide updates in some cases).

World Class Support

We have not outsourced support. In fact, we're focused on providing a service that is so reliable and proven that the only type of support calls we get are "How to" questions. Our MediaWiki experts are here to help you with your implementation questions.

One Site or Many

The QualityBox supports as many websites as you want to throw at it. Larger boxes are obviously equipped to handle the responsiveness that your users deserve. Multiple domain names can be pointed at the same box as "aliases" or each domain can have it's own separate document root, i.e. customizable.

Important Information

eQuality Technology can import existing content, systems, data and information into your QualityBox to make a transition more immediately effective. Change isn't easy, but with your new information system fully loaded with existing documentation and information sources, we can make your users more encouraged and even excited about change.

Training Wheels Included

eQuality Technology can provide onsite and online training to maximize the productivity of your team. The QualityBox is incredibly easy to use, but it's also powerful. Like any power tool, it's that much more effective when used expertly. Let us jump-start your use of the QualityBox with a series of training sessions.


Pick a MediaWiki Hosting Plan That's Right for You

Fast, awesome, and affordable are just some of the words our customers use to describe our managed MediaWiki hosting plans. Check out what we have to offer below, and get started today.
  • Pro
  • $399
    per month
  • 8 GB RAM
  • Four CPUs
  • 160 GB SSD
  • 5 TB transfer
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  • MVP
  • $1599   $999
    per month
  • 32 GB RAM
  • 8 CPUs
  • 640 GB SSD
  • 7 TB transfer
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Several factors determine the best sizing. You can upgrade/downgrade/cancel at any time. Unsure exactly what you need? We're happy to talk with you! Contact Us. Please review the Terms Of Service carefully.


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